Cats Make Better Boyfriends

I could totally go find harry styles tomorrow

Because he is in my city, only like maybe 20 minutes away and it would make my life to get a photo with that fine piece because this week has probably been one of the worst weeks of this year but like, he’s in bel air and fuuuuuuuuck that

karmarist asked: G'day Taryn! Just wanted to stop and check in with you, how you going, mate? Also, I'm headed stateside in six weeks and was just wondering if there were any must see/do, eats etc that you could recommend? Thanks heaps in advance. Cheers.

G’day love! 

I’m doing alright, car got towed yesterday which was a whole ordeal. Really wishing cars didn’t exist and that we could just ride horses everywhere instead. Los Angeles would smell even worse than it already does but whatever. 

Where exactly are you going stateside? I can recommend a few, but it depends on where you go!

the realest of struggles

i was feeling pretty sick from drinking overpriced cocktails while lounging in a fancy pool in 90 degree weather this afternoon (this was after we had gone to a SAILOR MOON art gallery, WHAT THE FUCK) and somehow in my sundrunk mind, i thought the best way to make myself feel better was to eat a cheeseburger and a milkshake and now rather than feeling slightly woozy and uncomfortable…i am now praying for deaths sweet caress. like, why bother even bothering to get out of bed cus this priviledged lifestyle is too much for my garbage pail kid brain/body to take

Anonymous asked: Do you ever just randomly moon people?

Every day of my life

I feel like I wake up as a different person every day.

You feelin me?

I feel like I wake up as a different person every day.

You feelin me?